Gaming is fast becoming the most popular source of entertainment for anyone who’s sitting in their home, wishing for something to do during their leisure time. May they be online or offline, on dedicated consoles or personal computers, they have become an inevitable component of every household for it to keep running smoothly. This might sound a little exaggerated, but once one comes to think about it, there is hardly any urban household left in the world that doesn’t house a PC or a gaming console; such is the popularity of this form of entertainment. However, despite an ever-increasing number of games being available, those created only for girls have always been comparatively lower in number. This can be attributed to the fact that girls would much rather spend time talking to each other than playing games on the computer. However uncanny it may seem to the eye, it’s still evident that gaming has been somewhat gender-specific since its advent.

That, however, is changing now. As more and more makers in this expanding industry started showing interest in designing games for girls, an increase was also seen in their demand. This resulted in a slight shift of genre from racing, action, adventure, sports and arcade to fashion, designing, household-related virtual tasks and so on for girls.

More and more online games for girls now become available every buy spin 88 day, which means that there are millions of girls who can now be seen glued to their computer, giving their doll make-up or choosing a dress for her, perhaps also designing her own little house for her! Online gaming portals have thus caught attention of mainstream game producers who now concentrate on games for girls in addition to their usual portfolio of games that are for boys alone. The idea was bound to get successful, given the fact that half of the world’s population (and in the same ratio, youth) comprises of girls who were until recently deprived of means of entertainment at their homes.

Another reason for the popularity of games for girls available online is that one does not have to install software from CD-ROM and follow sets of complex instructions before they can get going. Owing to the fact that not many girls are computer enthusiasts, they may have been finding it difficult to follow these extensive instructions, which may in turn have resulted in their disinterest with such games. Therefore, the advent of online games means they can play on their own without help from their brother or father to start, and enjoy the experience without bothering about instructions that sound gibberish to them. Some young boys may also wish to follow suit. After all, who can blame them for getting bored of all the fast-paced games available for them once in a while and wishing to try out puzzle games that may be listed up there for girls? Not us.

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