The Bible was composed over a time of roughly 1600 years. It comprises of 66 books. These books were written by various individuals – rulers, ranchers, tent producers, anglers, and so on, individuals from a wide range of different backgrounds. Certain individuals composed more than one book for example Moses (whose past occupation was crowding sheep) composed 5 books, a prophet namedĀ The days of Noah Samuel composed 2 books, an angler named Peter composed 2 books.

For what reason did such a different gathering compose an assortment of books that fit together so well and for what reason would they say they were ordered into one book called the Bible?

The Bible makes sense of this itself, for example that God moved specific individuals to compose what he needed composed, subsequently to that end the Bible is many times called the ‘Expression of God’. 2Pet 1: that’s what 19 21 says “No prediction at any point began from people. All things being equal, it was given by the Holy Spirit as people talked under Gods heading.” And that it was not expose to any confidential translation or changes by individuals who got it.

Ruler David said that his tongue was the pen of a prepared essayist. He was glad to compose at the course of God. Yet, not all journalists were so sharp. Jeremiah was a prophet whom God picked before he was conceived (Jer 1: 4-5), however situation carried him to when he would have rather not uncovered Gods word any more, yet he was unable to help himself (But his statement was in mine heart as a consuming fire shut in my bones, and I was fatigued with shunning, and I was unable to remain Jer

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